Monday, August 21, 2017

Aventura sold

It was a bitter-sweet experience to sell our boat, Aventura. The empty slip, part of our identity, and so many memories! We were awash with different emotions. On the one hand we had determined that, at this stage in life, we didn't feel as able to manage her at sea under all conditions. On the other hand, we are missing the serene sunsets when on the hook in the many natural settings that were part of our trips. And then there was the camaraderie of sailors exchanging stories of travels near and far, fun marinas, exploring shores and towns along the way. It was always about the journey, not the destination. Rich experiences. But we are also happy that the new owner is just right for this Lagoon 37 cat. Passing Aventura on to another enthusiast who would take care of her and coax her on to more exploration and new horizons is a comfort to us. Happy trails, Aventura!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Aventura, our Lagoon 37 TPI cat is available

Saturday 4/22/2017

Aventura has been the source of great pleasure and adventure. We initially got a small sailboat, a C&C 27, to play around in Pontchartrain Lake (New Orleans).  After Hurricane Katrina devastated our area and our boat, we pondered what kind of vessel we would want.  Finally, driven by a curiosity for adventure in the Gulf of Mexico, we upgraded to a larger boat, a Pearson 365, that would accommodate overnighters and more space for longer trips. We began month-long trips along the northern Gulf Coast and we delighted in the variety of places and environments.  After some time, we developed a desire for a more comfortable boat. That lead to our current one, a catamaran named Aventura, a 1993 Lagoon 37 TPI.  Yes, it delivers comfort in terms of sleeping, eating, and other leisurely activities.  But it also delivers ease in navigating. 

Check out the blog postings of all our trips over the years.

Unfortunately, we must leave the cruising life for the moment.  We have reached the decision to put the boat up for sale.  If you are interested in information about Aventura, equipment, amenities, and pictures, please email my husband Mike at

Monday, May 30, 2016

From May 16-18 2016 failed trip

May 18, 2016

We were heading out for a long trip along the northern Gulf of Mexico on our Lagoon 37 TPI catamaran.  But something happened and disappointment set in!  First the weather had been unkind; so, we had put off our leaving for another day.  Then we encountered the problem that actually sent us back ashore.

The day of departure we left from our marina on Pontchartrain Lake (New Orleans).  A grey day but nothing menacing on the horizon.  We passed through the Hwy. 11 bascule bridge, passed under the I-10 bridge, as also under the Hwy. 90 bridge into the Rigolets.  That's about the time we started getting excited:  we could see the railroad bridge that gives us passage to the Gulf of Mexico and adventures to be had.

Our port engine started losing power.  So, Mike got in the water to check whether a line from a crab trap (yeah, have got to keep an eye on crab traps that are all over the waters of south Louisiana) or other had wound itself onto the propeller.  Nope.  Black smoke and other signs ushered us back to our marina, hobbling on one motor.

Mike is presently fixing the mixing elbow and so forth.  Time to reassess what, where, how of boating.  Aventura has given us four years of marvelous adventures, as did Talisman before her, and even Sassy Lady, our first sailboat.  (See archives).

More to come....

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday 5-15-16

It's been 1 1/2 yrs. since we last sailed Aventura out into the Gulf of Mexico!  Not by choice.  My beloved mother fell ill and passed away.  Then the estate settlement issues, etc., etc.  A sad time for sure.

But now the sirens are calling.  Mike has installed a new set of solar panels.  We have the foldable bikes, kayaks and snorkeling gear.  Food and beverages in the pantry and a sense of urgency to explore once more the northern Gulf and its many nooks and crannies!

We'll try to reach some part of the western coast of the Florida peninsular this time.  From New Orleans, our home port.  Can we? Six weeks should be enough to work the weather and other variables.  Any number of possible stops from New Orleans heading East.

The Mississippi Barrier Islands:  Cat, Ship, Horn and Petit Bois.
Marinas along the Mississippi coast:  Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport, and Biloxi.

Dauphin Is., Alabama.  Along the Alabama Canal (ICW inland): Wolf River, Ingram Bayou, Big Lagoon.

Palafox Marina, Pensacola, Florida -- a must.

Destin Harbor, Florida Panhandle.  Also:  St. Andrews Bay, Panama City, Port St. Joe, ICW from Port St. Joe to Apalachicola, inland and pristine, and Carrabelle.  That's as far as we've gotten.

Looking towards new horizons on Florida's western coast:  Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Tampa region.....

Follow us!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

When the wind is right and the mood is right, sailing is fabulous!  Just like last Saturday 10-17-2015.  We left around 1:00 p.m. on our cat, Aventura, a Lagoon 37 TPI with northerly winds between 13-16 kts. and 1-2 ft. waves. Taking a turn to the West once outside of our marina on Lake Pontchartrain, the wind on the beam had us moving along swiftly.  A wonderful experience for our friends and enjoyment for us, too.  It's what makes sailing fun: good friends and good sailing conditions.

Looking for more such days to set off on our Fall trip!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Testing New Kyak

Testing the Kyak

Exciting!  Getting ready for our Fall trip.  This is our first kyak, and we're considering another one -- two people, two kyaks, right?  Given my mother's illness and then passing, we didn't take a Spring trip.  We're ready now, mostly. Northern Gulf Coast, here we come. And the kyak(s) should provide extra exploration options.

Any suggestions whether a second kyak should be seat on top or seat inside?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring trips coming up

The last few months have delivered rain and unappealing weather, plus family visits and other issues.  So now we are so looking forward to our Spring trips.
After making Bimini and mainsail cover, Mike tackled the tricky project of the helm seating. Look how great it came out! And, we just had to have a kayak too for added excitement.
Mike and George, our friend and marina neighbor, are headed off for a couple of weeks of guy fun. Then Mike and I will go for a month long cruise along the northern Gulf Coast from our home town of New Orleans. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New canvas and solar panels

A new bimini and solar panels proved convenient and made our last trip more comfortable. Our old Bimini was, well, getting too old and visibly worn. Not able to really continue to protect us from sun and rain as it was coming apart.

The solar panels were notably the difference between running the (noisy) engines when anchored and experiencing the peace and quiet of nature surrounding us. What a difference!

Now Mike and his mighty industrial sewing machine have produced a minimalist, easy to use mainsail cover. It elegantly protects the furled sail without too much hassle. 

Check out Aventura's new look!